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Spybotics: The Nightfall Incident Strategy Guide



Prelude and Table of Contents:


Spybotics: The Nightfall Incident is a turn-based tactical game in Shockwave. The game is magnificently simple, with outstanding game mechanics as well as entertaining graphics and flavor. The game is hosted by Lego at http://www.lego.com/eng/spybotics/game.asp and is completely free (it's a promotional for their now-defunct Spybotics Robots).


You probably already knew that, or you wouldn't have found this Strategy Guide. (If not, go play instead of reading this guide! The game's mouse-driven interface is easy to understand and the in-game tutorial is quite good. Don't worry about making a wrong turn – you can't die, you never lose units or money, and you can get more money by replaying earlier scenarios. In fact, this entire guide assumes that you've already been playing the game. Come back here if you get stuck, or after you finish the game.)


Chapter I: Cheats and Bugs

  • A. Credit Grab Cheat
  • B. Floating Unit Cheat
  • C. Enemy Unit Deletion Cheat
  • D. Hacking Your Saved Game File
  • E. Other Bugs and Typos


Chapter II: Tips & Rules Clarifications

  • A. Scenario Tips
  • B. Movement Tips
  • C. Attacking Tips
  • D. Detailed Attack Targeting Interface Mechanics


Chapter III: Basic Strategies (& Basic Computer AI Explained)

  • Intro. Strategy Discussion
  • Strategy A. Use Clog and Bit-Man to Create Blockades and Bottlenecks
  • Strategy B. Assassinate Enemy Units Using Your First-Turn Ambush
  • Strategy C. Draw Computer Units into Superior Fire using Defensive Formation and Retreat
  • Strategy D. Concentrate Your Forces for Regional Superiority
  • Strategy E. Abuse the AI Quirks


Chapter IV: Complete Table of Units


Chapter V: Node-by-Node Walkthrough

  • Intro.
  • Part 1. SMART HQ (Start) to Warez 2 (Network City)
  • Part 2. Warez 2 (Network City) to Warez 3 (Ready to Ware)
  • Part 3. Warez 3 (Ready to Ware) to Warez 4 (Agora)
  • Part 4. Warez 4 (Agora) to Unknown Headquarters (Finale)
  • Appendix. Complete Node List


Chapter VI: Challenge Scenarios

  • (Under Construction)


My Spybotics: The Nightfall Incident Strategy Guide home page.

Copyright 2007 Broken Fixer.

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